Saturday, December 24, 2011

All Good Things...


Its been almost exactly three months since I last posted and I'm sorry to say that it's not good news that has broken that slide. I just found out that today my cat, Tangerine, has passed away. God that was hard to type...

Tange has been part of the family since I was in 3rd grade, more than 15 years. She was always a shy cat, though became much more outgoing these past few years. Sometimes she was a pretty wonky little cat, but she was my cat and I loved her very much.

She wan't just a good cat, she was the best cat.
I wish I could have seen her one last time.
I'm going to miss her like crazy...

Tange napping
Tange & Zach


  1. Sorry to read this, Peter. My cat actually passed away while I was studying in Kyoto, so I can truly sympathize. It was hard for me to accept that she was gone until I went home, and she wasn't there anymore, but even then I kept thinking she would reappear. Even now I wish I could have seen her one last time and still tear up about it. Cats are special, aren't they?

    I know it's a hard time, but please take my condolences and best wishes.

  2. I just got this message from my mom:
    "I dug around in my files and found her original adoption papers. We adopted her on April 2, 1995. (Did you know that she was turned into the Humane Society by someone and that her original name was Simba?) They said that she was already 8 months old, so that would make her 17 years & 4 months old! That is a really long life for a cat."